The [Wealth Standard] Presents: The Junior Wealth Academy

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$119/ Per Child*

*Recommended from ages 8-17. 


Dates:  Course started Aug 15th. 

NOTE: We are in week 3, however you can catch up with watching the first webinars and complete the required homework. 


  • 8 Week Course Taught by Veteran Trader Chris Cole ( @chriscoleiam )
  • 19keys Content Monetization & Young entrepreneur e-commerce training, 
  • How to Become an influencer / Social Media Course 
  • Weekly Webinars and Activities teaching the basics of Building Wealth and Stock Market Trading
  • Age Appropriate Book List 
  • Homework Assignments
  • Parent-Child Projects and Assignments 
  • Stock Market Portfolio Challenge (Teaching the Basics of Building a Portfolio)
  • All Webinars Recorded
  • Weekly content for your Keeping
  • Financial literally 


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