Turq royalty 19 CrownZ (EMF)

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The Frequency Protection Crownz have a brand new design luxury embroidered metallic gold embroidery. Adorned with Sun, Moon and Stars and the number 19.

All hand made to perfection. Packaged in a collectible autographed capsule.

The Crownz is intentionally spelled with a ‘z’.  “It's just like Hertz or htz, and the 'z’ represents the frequency the Crownz possess. 

It now also represents Zorbs; the tech Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) shielding devices that protect from wireless radiation.

The process: 20 oxide minerals are heated to extreme temperatures, then liquid nitrogen cooled into an advanced ceramic form to achieve maximum cellular radiation absorption and functionality.

The Tech has been Lab Tested and each Crownz order will receive an emailed report upon purchase.


3 styles to choose from: 

Top: Universal Crownz 19 (silver/blk/gold)

Middle: Universal Crownz (Gold)

Bottom: Universal Crown 19 (Gold)  


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