Black star CrownZ ring

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Black Star Crownz Ring is 14 karat high quality gold , black onyx, ruby & sapphire 19 grams weight

The black star represents /the star line by Marcus Garvey created in 1919 and black consciousness

The ruby represents the blood shed by our people fight for freedom , justice and equality and our royal blood line

The green represents our nature , Minerals and the resources of the planet earth that we are suppose to cultivate

The gold represents the gold we are born with and the starry CrownZ design represents that we are master of our universe.

Also available in Silver 

Rings are custom made to order and can take 4-8 weeks to produce. If you have any half sizing please email us once placing your order.


All rings are crafted by an artisan and professional designed. 


All sales are final. No refunds or returns


Takes 6 weeks to process and ship custom made to order 


please email once ordered with your ring size 

Finish: Gold
Size: 6