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Infinite Wealth strategies ebook

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Infinite Wealth strategies ebook


First, we will break down my 19 C’s of Content that I implement into my own online presence to capture the attention of my audience. This chapter is vital to effectively marketing yourself and your products in the digital world.

Next, I will give you the step by step blueprint on how you can become a published author in the span of just two weeks. While it might sound highly improbable, I’m going to break down some strategies that will streamline the process for you and earn you the powerful title of “author.”

Then I will introduce you to the world of NFTs that will put you in a position to begin earning cryptocurrency instead of just buying it. We’ll cover both how NFTs can be a storage place for wealth and how they can be leveraged as an income stream.

Finally, I explain how you should look at a cryptocurrency project’s tokenomics to determine if it’s a project you are interested in investing in. 

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