I bought the wealth standard online and learned more than I did in college.

I bought the wealth standard  online and learned more than I did in college.
Peace my name Zahirah. I was introduced to the wealth standard through 19 Keys on instagram and I had to tap in. The wealth standard is a comprised model of gems that everyone should know in order to attain wealth. Everything that you will learn will teach you to be wealthy mentally, physically and spiritually. If you are ready to expand your thinking and reprogram your mind, this is the course for you. Often times when we think about money, we think about how to get money in order to spend it. In order to build wealth, we have to think about money past a consumerism standpoint. Most things that we will buy in life don't have intrinsic value. Building wealth means investing in things that will always offer a return. One of the most important things that the wealth standard teaches is generational wealth. Generational wealth, not meaning storing a large sum of money away for your children to inherent, meaning that they will inherent the skills that you have learned from the wealth standard that will allow them to take whatever you leave them and build more. True wealth is not in the dollar, it is in your mind and in your spirit. It allows you to live in the uncertainty of life knowing that you can do anything: be anything that you put your mind to. By the end of the wealth standard, you will have gotten more than any money can buy you. You will have gotten the most important thing, a wealthy mind. A wealthy mind never goes broke.

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I joined the Wealth Standard PLUS the 2-Week Intensive and the Options for Income courses. Now I get the opportunity to write for 19 Keys!

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