When Conspiracies are actually true! The Chinese Bitcoin conspiracy continued...

by Nicole Frugé (deladivine.com)



Let's talk about high level observation...

Remember last week when I wrote that conspiracy about a crash in Bitcoin coming because of Chinese miners? READ HERE TO SEE "CONSPIRACY"

Well guess what y'all? It happened lol 

continued below....




Bitcoin went from an all time high of $41,661 to $28,800. This was because Bitcoin miners at Chinese mining firm began DUMPING their Bitcoin. 

This article posted that it was unsure WHY they are dumping their Bitcoin but I'm pretty sure it has soooo much to do with what I posted in my blog post on Chris Cole's website last week. 


The fact of the matter is that China is not making it easy for these miners to run their business in China. 

They are also facing a semi-conductor shortage which could be read more in depth HERE.

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