Holiday Cheer/Fear/Sneer turned to Holiday Career #BlackWorldOrder

Holiday Cheer/Fear/Sneer turned to Holiday Career #BlackWorldOrder

by Nicole Frugé (


 Today is day 2 of the Black World Order Induction Meeting. Are you on the list? Register Here

Isn't it beautiful that there are 5 young, wealthy brothas who are taking the time to bring many of us together during a season of family and love when there are MANY of us out there who DO NOT have the privileges' of enjoying the holidays due to reasons like seasonal depression, family drama, lack of resources, and much more?

I will always understand the intensity of 2020 because not everyone has the happiest memories during the holidays. It can be a trigger for so many.

Share this event with someone who may be alone this year and needs an outlet.

Share this event with your family.

Share this event with your friends.



And definitely be in attendance because if you are serious about growing your harvest, you want to at least hear these amazing men out, who have taken the time to come together as one in order to bring you a wealth of knowledge to take your holidays to the next level! 

If you even believe in the holidays lol



19 Keys' Father


Keys and his family

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