The 19 Keys IT factor | How To Find Your IT Factor | Utilize and Profit from Your Authentic Self

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by- Nicole Frugé (deladivine.com)


It's easy to see how 19 Keys utilizes his IT Factor to grow his brand at such an exponential rate. 

If you're a lady and you're reading this, we all know how you got here lol (for the most part)

I'm sure many of you ladies are here because not only is Keys knowledgeable, BUT he knows how to utilize the fact that MANY women have the same or similar mindset as the lady described below.

Funny story:



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I was at an event with 19 Keys as a host... It was a nice sized group and we were all gathering for a group photo.

I walked out of the sliding door and planted myself right where I ended up, which was on a step in the middle, back of the group picture. Keys came outside a few people behind me and he stepped down in front of me to get front and center of the photo. 

Soon after, a young lady squoze (yes, squoze) past me and blatantly said that Keys was her husband and she was manifesting it. She had to stand next to her man, honey! 

I moved out her way, nodded, and said nothing because who am I to question a young woman's dream to have 19 Keys as a husband lol Sis wanted a couple baby lockets, YA KNOW!

She stood next to Keys like she was already in the position that she desired. I admired her open honesty.

I wanted to let her know WHY the WAY she was manifesting was putting her out of the running but it wasn't my place and that's a post I will dive into on another day.

The best part about it is that she was attracted to the MAGNETISM of Key's authentic energy.

But to make it quite clear, 19 Keys is handsome, he cares about his mind, body and image, he's well spoken, and well researched. Most of all, this is 19 Keys' authentic self.

Not some made up and fake version of himself. He's literally the same person in real life lol

This is the I.T. Factor of 19 Keys. His "Intellectual Truth Factor" is a large part of his Intellectual Property.

Granted it takes a whooole lot more than just those qualities to develop a SUCCESSFUL brand, which is why you MUST invest in the product development course hosted by 19 keys and Chris Cole. Click here for details.


You will learn how to develop products from conception and find your own IT Factor AKA Intellectual Truth Factor AKA authenticity along with so much more on product manufacturing.

Lets define Intellectual Truth Factor (or IT Factor) in detail.



Intellectual Truth: the undeniable and authentic truths about yourself that you are able to use for making profitable interactions/transactions. This creates your magnetism; the reason people are drawn to you.

These things can be tangible and intangible. 

Examples of tangible: looks, image, lifestyle, connections/network, etc.

Examples of intangible: capabilities, talents, skills, etc.

The IT Factor is similar to intellectual property but describes the authentic self and the subconscious behaviors that create your existing reality.


Have you ever seen a video of a person and you just know they aren't being their authentic selves because it seems forced? Its not a natural flow of expression.

Granted, some people are very shy and uncertain of themselves when it comes to being in front of a camera and may require some practice to get better. There are also probably no people around that person to bring out the best version of themselves.

The goal is to find what the BEST authentic version of you is and use that to capitalize on whatever it is you desire to do in life.

Are there areas in your life that make you feel like the lesser version of yourself? If you are unsure, be sure to join the course where you will learn how to develop your authenticity.

For example, I was a hairstylist for 10 years but I have a tendency to get worn out energetically when I'm around too many people that I don't know personally for an extended period of time. I didn't know that was why I was always so exhausted.

I thought it was because I always was on my feet, not eating properly, and spending all day behind the chair with little time for myself.

It soon affected my career and I was never really open to receive more than I had been receiving, although I did really well. I was never able to take it beyond a certain level due to my ever draining energy.

I was using a lower version of myself to earn a living. I never went from surviving to thriving. But I always knew in the back of my mind that I would make a living using my brain opposed to using the efforts of my body (labor).

This is what I mean when I say your I.T. Factor. There is SOMETHING about you that stands out beyond belief that will drive you into a better version of yourself.

Do you know what that is and do you ever use it to your ADVANTAGE?

The goal is to find ways to get ahead so that you are able to live your fullest life.

You may be uncertain on HOW to profit on being your authentic self. You may even be afraid of no one liking who you are in your authenticity. Maybe you are a trash person authentically.

These are all things that can be nurtured to good health. You HAVE TO do the work. 

Be sure to download the self assessment worksheet by clicking the banner above. This will assist you in understanding yourself while taking the Product Development Course.

This will also help you determine how to better prepare yourself for your future endeavors from a clear and precise vision. Not a clouded vision created from the mind of someone who you are not authentically. 

The goal is to build it and KEEP IT GROWING!


19 Keys and I want to hear from you below, in all honesty. Have you been your authentic self? If so, how has it helped you? If not, how can we help you? 

We look forward to your response!

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Kerrian Lawrence

Kerrian Lawrence

Manifestation haha… great read Nicole! I’m still working on being 100 with myself 🙏🏾



I don’t know if I’ve ever known who I was authentically. For years as an adolescent, I unapologetically expressed myself through various channels but it sometimes came off as abrasive.

Now as a young adult and new mom, I find myself trying to get to know this woman I’ve evolved into and learn what makes her thrive. This was a great read luv, thank you.

Erin Autecia

Erin Autecia

Authenticity is a truth that not everyone is vulnerable enough to hold, loved the blog 💎✨

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