Ownership or Slaveship? | How To Get Out of Your Own Way

Ownership or Slaveship?  |  How To Get Out of Your Own Way

by Nicole Frugé (deladivine.com)


Today we will not speak on the presidential election because, as you can see, its not over.

Today we talk about a past conversation with Keys about the credit and debit system which ultimately leads to what could be interfering your ability to excel in creating wild success.

This ideology could be applied to the current state of affairs. 


As an investor or trader, emotions are your worst enemy. Answer Yes or No to the following questions:

Have you ever pulled out of a deal because you had an emotional tie to your past losses, only to come back later to see that you could have made more money than you’ve ever made in past deals??? UGH!!!

Have you ever NOT taken a trade because you were unsure or you are too emotionally tied to your money only to see that everyone you know is making money on the SAME TRADE you considered???

Have you ever felt FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) on a stock pick or a product and rushed to buy it, only to find out later that you could have gotten it waaaayyyy cheaper had you just WAITED and now you’re at a loss? Smh...

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you are giving yourself too much CREDIT (preconceived trust in emotional strength) in areas where you have not built enough DEBITS (emotional intelligence), which allows you to make more informed, less emotional decisions.

We put the cart before the horse and this type of thinking, unfortunately, leaves you in a DEBT based situation every time!

In The Wealth standard seminar dated on August 1, 2020, 19 Keys made a very profound analogy about the credit and debit system. 

He used Nick Cannon as an example. 

If you’re already living in your underground bunker and have no idea how Nick Cannon plays into this situation, Nick Cannon is a widely known ENTERTAINER and has multiple jobs across multiple mainstream platforms. 

One of his most popular jobs as the host of the hit show, Wild N Out, was taken away from him by the owners of Viacom due to claims of antisemitism. 

Nick has had a very SAFE image throughout his career and he is often compared to Ryan Seacrest being that he is normally chosen for wildly successful hosting jobs, for example, Americas Got Talent and The Masked Singer.

So, you can imagine that it was pretty shocking to most when Nick decided to change his image to a “woketivist” by rocking a turban and creating a YouTube show called Cannons Class, where he had many conversations about black history and the like with many black intellectuals, including infamous thought leaders like KRS One and Professor Griff.

To bring it back to the original point, Nick Cannon was given CREDIT by the people in hopes that he would be able to pay it forward with interest. We were all left to assume he was able to provide us with great returns based on the fact that he had already built up such great rapport with the people.  

We soon found out that Nick Cannon was only capable up to a certain point. 

| “Ownership or Slaveship” - 19 Keys

A quick google search about Nick Cannon’s most recent blunder may help you understand further if you are unfamiliar with what he said to cause him to lose his job. 

We were all shocked to find out that Nick Cannon was not the owner of the Wild N Out brand. 

As 19 Keys says, “Ownership or Slaveship”, this was a perfect example of how when you put in work to something you do not own, you leave yourself vulnerable to become someone’s slave and RISK being in DEBT to whoever owns your labor.

On the other hand, the members of The Shifters (19 Keys, Chris Cole, Blue Pill, Red Pill, Derrick Grace II, Brother Ben X, Pop Darby, Billionaire PA, and Rizza Islam) are all where they are due to the DEBIT side of this conversation. 

They received strength in their current public position because of their ability to PRODUCE FIRST so that people would be able to understand that they are serious about the black wealth movement.

And when it was time for them to receive CREDIT, based on the history they provided, the people were able to comfortably understand that whatever they produced from that point forward would have an amazing ROI.

This is how products like Goldewater and Smartmoss are able to be so wildly successful and effective because the purchasers of the product TRUST that the makers of the product are trustworthy based on history.

How can this all possibly tie into your emotions and your money?

When you are giving too much credit where it is not deserved or earned, you may find yourself in a downside position.

We all saw how the Nick Cannon situation panned out. There were many people who acted from emotion and ended up having to issue apologies as well. 

And some were able to teach their audience from the situation, capitalize, and RISE! 

This is why courses like The Wealth Standard are able to also offer an additional Stock Market Intensive Course at a premium price because it’s understood by the public that these offers will return the CREDIT given WITH INTEREST!

This is the benefit of having initial strength in your DEBITS (emotional intelligence) so that your CREDIT (emotional strength) is even stronger when it is needed.

What’s the driving point?

Get your emotions in check. Here are 4 steps to shifting your emotions from overactive to under control. 

Download your free emotional intelligence guide here.  Just leave your info and you will have access to all my free downloads. Including the Beginners Guide to Gold and the self assessment.

Do you agree that sometimes emotions can get the best of you and mess up your money making opportunities? What are ways that you keep your emotions in check when increasing your wealth? Feel free to go in detail in the comments below. I would love for one of our thousands of visitors to learn something from you. Til next time!

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Cameron Robinson

Cameron Robinson

I have to figure out how to discipline myself

Teresa Gulley

Teresa Gulley

I tell my self that I’m entitled just like anyone else. And I picture myself with things that I’ve invested AND spent my gains on.

Nyheme Watts

Nyheme Watts

I carefully read using reading comprehension with literally every text that I subscribe to get from you and it is very helpful

Jutana Reece

Jutana Reece

Great read Nicole!



I Love This Message, Such An Analogy Of Truths. Get It Yourself It Just Feels Better At The End Of The Day.

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