Have the fruits of your labor been poisoning you?

Have the fruits of your labor been poisoning you?

by Nicole Frugé (deladivine.com)


The way your garden (life) grows will all be determined on the quality of your LABOR. I really believe that how you behave in anything is how you will behave in everything. So, lets focus on labor/work and how you USE/BEHAVE in your position.


Do you do what you can to make sure the people around you have what they need or offer your services to the team so that everyone can excel?

Do you keep the peace in your work life by showing GENUINE appreciation to those who you care about?


Are you the opposite?


Every garden needs SH*# (fertilizer) to flourish and as long as they throw it my direction, my garden will only continue to flourish while they continue to water their own with poison. (Tell that to yourself daily!)

But how is that? When a person throws the very thing that a garden needs in order to grow (fertilizer) and throws it at an external source that makes them feel MAGNIFIES your LACK, they ROB themselves of the opportunity to transmute the bad into a GOOD. 

A conniving person will take the pain received that they should be using for themselves and send it your direction not realizing we believe ONLY USEFUL THINGS COME TO ME! Its ALL useful, good and bad.

Say that out loud!

Use ALCHEMY in your life and study it by retrospectively using your life as an example. I will DEFINITELY cover alchemy soon.

A direction that is BLOCKED leaves me open to be creative to get it in a GRAND way, leaving them stuck with their poisonous fruit. 

This is how you MUST move throughout all life circumstances.

Pay attention to the lives of those around you. 

Are you receiving from someone who is growing their garden, is genuine, cares about those around them by showing appreciation, and continues to flourish?

The only way to tell is to pay attention, accept the present moment, release expectations of the outcome, and use your intuition. If you have a hard time connecting to your intuition, you have to clear out your mind and reset your body.

One way that has genuinely helped me do that is when I began to take Goldewater and Smart Moss together.


We all receive tough times that are meant to create areas of growth in our lives. 

Expectations of the outside world hold us back. you can ONLY expect to receive what you resonate with. you have to accept people for who they are and maneuver within that.

This is why I love being apart of groups with resilient leaders like in The Wealth Standard or The 2 Week Intensive class. There is a current Black Friday deal on these classes! Click the banner below. 



A few takeaways that I have received from life that were especially important when I began learning how to trade the stock market are:

  • to accept the present moment because anything could happen and the answer to the problem is in the present
  • nothing outside of you is within your control
  • you block yourself from good trying to block the inevitable

  • you don't get the success you want because you are good at avoiding loss. You receive success from accepting the risk and taking a chance or scale back to reevaluate your strategy.

  • ITS ALL WORKING OUT FOR YOUR GREATEST GOOD! The losses are a testament to your growth based on how you MOVE FORWARD. 

My greatest lesson in life has been to NEVER dim my light because I want to fit in because I cant hide your god given light. Those who I TRY  to resonate with by dimming my light will never truly accept me because you were never meant to fit in with them. 

That's ok! It is what it is because the work I'm doing on myself will lead me to a prosperous harvest that can nourish the individuals I care about the most and that care about me. 

Do you have any tips on how to GROW your garden (life) opposed to allowing yourself to poison it? Drop it in the comments below. 

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