This Post Will Shock You!

This Post Will Shock You!
by Nicole Frugé (

Even if you break the rules, there are rules to breaking rules. Many call it a process. 

There is a process to literally everything. You simply can not get from one place to another without a series of events taking place first. 

Abraham AKA Esther Hicks would always tell her audience members "You can't get there from there",  when they spoke with her about getting from one place in life to another with a hint of delusion in their desires. 

Just like you cant get from your driveway to your bedroom by going to your neighbors house, you cant get from a poverty or LACK mindset to a prosperous mindset by JUST watching 19 Keys talk about it. There is a process you have to go through.

 I am going to take you through a transformation process that is very deep and has been used for centuries.

There have been several things in my own life that have transformed in a perfect way that cant be explained. Its as if it were magic but its all orchestrated by the most high. 

Anything you build in the name of the most high is so protected, that anyone who tries to stand in your way will see a great force against them in their own lives. I have seen it with my own eyes and I have seen some instances happen almost instantly.

You can call it karma but I like to call it electromagnetism. You are always in one state or the other: a state of attraction or a state of repulsion.

Similar to a magnet, you have 2 sides which either pulls things to you or pushes things away. This is because of an electrical current between the magnet (you) and the the opposite force.

Another example is electricity. you are either providing power to something or electrocuting something.

If you get in the way of a powerline doing its job of providing power in an area, you will be shocked to death. 

I see it the same way in the spiritual realm but its not as instant.

If we are all electrical, energetic bodies, anything that may stand in our way of providing the power we were sent here to provide WILL be met with electrical shock. This is the number one reason why I don't stand in the way of anyone and their actions. 

I believe that having certain beliefs of anything that is meant for me will come to me with grace and in a perfect way and anything "getting in my way", is non existent. I see the action and I know for a fact that a shock/repulsion to the opposition is coming soon.

You can only have this mentality when you are IN YOUR POWER. Only people who LACK power will try to steal from yours like roaches lol. 

This is the power of believing in your POWER as an electrical representation opposed to a human representation. You are made up of ATOMS which have positively CHARGED components and negatively CHARGED components.

This is why I like Goldewater because it offer conductor-like properties to help amplify your electrical ability. 

We tend to feel more victimized when we think of ourselves as ONLY human, when that's scientifically not true.

You put your devices on a charger so what charges you up? What gets you going? What pushes you into your power? 

The reason why negative experiences are so popular with people getting into their greatest form is because PAIN is a powerful generator of energy. 

Why? Because you would do almost anything to get out of that pain so you FORCE yourself into a state of either ATTRACTION to your goals or REPULSION FROM your goals.

Electrical energy that lives within us is a powerful and intriguing concept and it brings a WHOLE NEW meaning to the feminine and masculine conversation.

One adds/subtracts energy and the other multiplies/divides it. 

Ok let me tap out right for now because I will spread this knowledge out over time.

What area of your life are you working on transforming right now? Let us know so that Keys can create more content dedicated to your direction!


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