Paradigm Keys: Solution-Based Mind Reprogramming Book

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Title: Paradigm Keys : Solution based mind reprogramming Vol. 1

Author: 19keys

Update your programming and change your paradigm. As a solution based thinker, I speak to truth to power and create solutions to problems. My goal is to enlighten others to higher consciousness and change your pattern of thinking. To often we update our phones and not our minds.  Knowledge is meant to help you make better decisions. But the shift must start at a subconscious level,  at the core of your programming. Deprogram what you were taught because of your faith and beliefs, build your habits and can become your limits. It's time to update to higher programming. Paradigm keys are the keys to unlocking your programming. 

Gratitude: Thank you to everyone who has found value in my journey. The goal is to unlock the world. 


This is my first self-published project. 


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